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The College of Prayer International is established to mentor, train and equip Christian pastors and leaders who will reach a lost world through a revived church. We are a faith ministry organized exclusively for the purpose of mentoring and encouraging pastors, spouses, Christian leaders, missionaries, intercessors - all who desire to more effectively impact their world through fervent revival prayer, prayer evangelism, intercession, and worship.

Our Vision


CoPI Brochure The College of Prayer International has a passion to mentor, train and equip Christian pastors and leaders who will reach a lost world through a revived church. Many groups talk about revival in abstract terms; we are seeing revival happen one life, one local church, one community at a time all over the world. We now have campuses of the College of Prayer on five continents.

Some say, "College? I need a kindergarten of prayer?" Don't let the term "College" fool you. There is no such thing as a natural-born pray-er; we are all beginners. We need to start somewhere. At the College of Prayer, you'll discover people just like you who will encourage your passion to seek the Lord and you will receive teaching from some of the best instructors in the world.

In a sense, Jesus started a three-year College of Prayer with his disciples. The early disciples asked, "Lord, teach us to pray!" in Luke 11:1. We have patterned our training after the response Jesus gave them.

Our vision goes beyond prayer; we want to see the unreached peoples of the world reached with the good news of Christ. We are now seeing this happen in many nations where we have College of Prayer campuses.


The College of Prayer is both catalytic and stategic. Our strategy is to create dynamic God-encountering prayer environments that provide a continuity of gatherings we call "modules" by establishing a "campus" which is committed to teaching our 3 years of core curriculum. People are looking for substance and are hungry for an authentic spiritual life. As Christ taught His early followers, He is teaching many of us that the spiritual reality we long for is found not in another conference, but at the throne of God.

We provide a dynamic environment in which study and spiritual mentoring can take place. Unlike conferences, seminars or even prayer summits, the College of Prayer local campus offers a continuity of nine modules over three years in which relationships can be fostered and life-changing principles can be embraced.


The modules each year follow a three-phase format: Each Module will intentionally offer time for:

Guest Presenters

We draw from a wide range of outstanding Christian leaders throughout the body of Christ including David Bryant, Henry Blackaby, Paul Cedar, Evelyn Christiansen, Eddie and Alice Smith, Wesley Duewel, H.B. London and others.

Doctrinal Purity

We are a Word and Spirit fellowship affirming the authority of the inerrant Bible over all of life, and the Spirit. Our students come from a wide spectrum of Christian denominations including Southern Baptist, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Vineyard, Assembly of God, Messianic, Evangelical Free, PCA, American Baptist, Nazarene and a host of others. We affirm the Lusanne Covenant and the doctrinal statement of the National Association of Evangelicals.

Download the NAE Statement of Faith

Non Profit

The College of Prayer International functions as a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) exemption. We are registered in Washington, DC under the name Revival Prayer Institute. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors who has the responsibility of caring for the health, growth and purity of the Collge of Prayer all over the world. This Board looks after finances, prayer-covering and relational well-being of the College of Prayer International Leadership Team and its members. It has the power of executive limitation. We are fully funded by registration fees, product sales and the generous giving of our supporters.

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How to Start a Campus

Costs for Attending

From the beginning, the College of Prayer has offered a quality product while intentionally keeping the cost as low as possible. Depending on the module and location, the average cost is a modest registration fee of $100 plus $50 for meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you hope to accomplish?
Our vision is to reach a lost world through a revived church. As the prayer movement grows in breadth, we want to be sure it also gains depth.
Are spouses included?
Absolutely. We are convinced that husbands and wives need to move forward together. Therefore, we strongly urge both spouses to participate together.
May I come to just one module?
Yes, however we encourage a commitment to be mentored and to mentor in the area of prayer that goes beyond just one module. You are invited to attend as many modules as you can to gain additional tools to use when praying and mobilizing prayer.
Is participation limited to a particular church or denomination?
We welcome participation by people from every denomination. We believe that revival begins with prayer, is cross-cultural and cross-denominational, and will impact all the people in our community.
Is the module only for students and pastors?
No. Each module provides tools and equiping for all believers including lay people, leaders, intercessors, and people who just want to know how to pray more effectively. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Do I need to read the books that are recommended for the module?
Not necessarily. The books are recommend to help the participant to prepare for the teaching that will be presented during the module. The only people who are required to read the books are those taking the module for credit.
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